• Dallton
    on: 2018-08-17 00:01:27
    Hey it’s me again I love having you answer questions I respect your honesty and your ability to truly help me out. It’s crazy I asked my first question when I was around like 230 and now I’m sitting at 192. Like damn. I’ve never been this thin and I feel and look great and I have an interview for a better career tomorrow. Things are looking up for me and I love it. However I still have my goal of trying to compete on a national level and one day turn pro in bodybuilding. Preferably classic physique I love the look and I’d love to look like that. Now you’ve helped me so much in losing weight. Now I want to ask you about the steps to getting to that level where you’re at. The level I want to be at and the level I will be at. Now obviously firstly I need a coach simple as that I need someone helping me and guiding me along the way. I’d love for you to be my coach but I don’t know if you even offer that service and if you did I probably couldn’t afford it haha. But I’d love having you as a coach. But as of now i was looking at someone like Marc Lobliner or someone who i see as someone I could trust enough to really help me get to that level where I need to be. Did you have any recommendations on coaches that aren’t insanely expensive? Or do you yourself coach? Secondly I’d love your opinion on supplement companies. Marc Lobliner owns MTS nutrition and I’ve heard some great things about them so I was thinking maybe them. Or primeval labs. They’re both expensive and companies like BPI would be cheaper and I’d be able to get more but at the same time it’s trading quality for quantity and in order for me to really achieve my goals I need the best of everything. Any opinions or favorites for supplement companies or companies you warn me to stay away from? Any other tips tricks you know or things you want to give me as advice as I look to bulk up and really get to that national level? I’ll take anything. I want this lifestyle and I’m ready to change my lifestyle. I want to be big and I love this world and I’m really trying to become someone big in it.I am doing vlogs and I’m hoping I do good enough vlogs on my cutting series to have napsgear bless me with the opportunity to get money to purchase new gear. Which will help my bulk. I really put a lot into the videos and i changed a lot so hopefully thy do. But i wanted your opinion on what i should take. I’m trying to bulk up and get big. I’d prefer to not get fat but stay kind of lean and look good and still just pack on muscle. Any recommended stacks or cycles? And dosages? You have a lot more experience with what works and doesn’t and I trust your opinion over someone in a forum saying that I should do this because of this. You really help me out and hopefully you can help me out here because this is what I always have a hard time deciding. Also I hear a lot of guys saying how homebrewing is so much better than buying. You can make it your way how you want. Also it’s insanely cheaper. Any opinions on this at all? Yet again any information you can think of just lay it on me. This is what I want and I just want some guidance from a great person like yourself. I truly appreciate all your help it means so much to me how you have helped me out. Thank you so much for all your help!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Steps
    on: 2018-08-24 10:04:59

    Hey brother, good to hear from you again. I can see your excitement which is great :) I don’t know if I will be able to answer all of these questions here in one response. I think you’ve given me more than enough material to write a novel haha. I will however try to pull out a few things that stood out to me and talk on those points. First off, I actually do off my coaching service here. In the tab on the main site where you found my QA, there is also a tab for Next Level Nutrition. You can go there to find out the services and pricing. Drop me an email. Ok, on to supplements and supplement brands. Heres the thing. That is an industry designed to get you to part with your money. There are some very good sups that everyone should be using but most are unnecessary. The tops guys don't use a lot of different supplements. Heres the list of things that you need. Whey Iso, Fish Oil, Sugar Free fiber powder. Multi Vitamin. Maybe a probiotic. Sometimes you might use some intra workout carbs. Thats really it. I like True Nutrition. Project AD. A few other well known companies but those are 2 that I trust. If you see a pro talking all about doing a lot of supplements, they are probably getting them for free. Most would stop taking most of the supps they take if they had to start paying. Its the food and hard ass training and the gear that are going to get you there. So put your money into the things that will really mattered, that I mentioned and spend the rest on more food or coaching or gear. Like I said, drop me an email.