Where to start

  • anonymous431
    Where to start
    on: 2018-09-02 06:29:38
    60 yr old wm. Been seeing a urologist for trt. Ten testo pels every 3 month. Doctor never allows my levels above 600. And the pellets wear off at 10 weeks. Tired of the up and down roller coaster ride. Nor will the doc prescribe self injections. I would like my levels at least 800. I understand weekly injections keep levels the same without the crash. Would 200ml weekly Be to much and can i ad a little hgh just to maintain. Not interested in building only maintaining the muscle mass i have work hard for. Have to many injuries from hard work to push a lot of weight. How much trt and hgh should i use and at what dosage, how often and what brands. Thanks. Yours truly, The old man..
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Where to start
    on: 2018-09-08 12:03:14

    Hey “Old Man” haha, thanks for writing in. The pellet situation doesn't sound like a lot of fun. 200mg is a good place to start. Test cyp is standard for TRT. Test E will work as well. If needed you can increase. I have seen dosing of 350mg a week for HRT. I would be sure to have adex in the plan to maintain normal levels of estrogen. If you don't want to get your labs done by your Dr, you can go through private lab testing on line, google Private MD labs or Direct Labs. As for GH, yes sir, at your level this would be of benefit to you as well for quality of life, recovery in the gym and youthful cosmetic effects. Really all the test brands are good as far as I have seen from Naps. I have used a lot of Geneza but I see they are somewhat out of stock for now. Basically though, Naps has been around a long time and doesn't mess around with low quality brands that would effect their rep. On GH, its all about what you can afford. Of course if you can afford pharm brands, thats the best but even the generics will give a good effect maybe dosed a little higher. 2iu for pharm, 3iu for generic.