Estraidol ranges?

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    Estraidol ranges?
    on: 2018-09-05 00:01:45
    After i found this section i been reading through as much as i can. appreciate the help.I did a 10 week test only cycle at 500mg per week and i did my mid-cycle blookwork at week 8. up until week 5 i didnt take any arimidex so at week 6 i started taking .5mg every other day. the reason why i waited till week 8 for bloodwork was because i wanted to give the arimidex 2 full weeks to be in my system before my blood work came back. My estridol was at 60 pg/ml and the range provided was < or = 39pg/ml. my question is, is it ok to have my estradiol a little higher than normal range or should i try to be in the exact range they provided. i know for sure next cycle i will start taking the arimidex from week 1.
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    Re: Estraidol ranges?
    on: 2018-09-13 09:19:59

    I would suggest keeping estrogen in the normal range. Its about a balance, not too much but not too little. Of course, if you get too high, you end up with bad sides like gyno but before you reach those sides, you’ll find more water retention and fat gain. I would always use an AI from the start of the cycle. Then if you want to do a mid cycle lab panel, you’ll see if your estrogen is in a good place. For off season, more on the higher side of normal is fine. When working on fat loss, on the lower end of normal.