Tren A and prop test cycle

  • anonymous130
    Tren A and prop test cycle
    on: 2018-09-11 22:32:50
    I’m gearing up for a test prop and tren A cycle. What is the best AIs and estrogen blockers for this cycle. Also what do you recommend for gyno and post cycle. Cycle is for 16 weeks. Ty.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Tren A and prop test cycle
    on: 2018-09-17 08:51:50

    Arimidex is the best AI for this cycle. As long as you keep estrogen in place, even if prolactin goes higher, you will be covered. Prolactin will not exert an effect unless your estrogen is high too. You could get some caber to have on hand if you find you are sensitive to prolactin, but as long as your adex is on point, I have seen very few people need to worry about prolactin (maybe a few times in the past decade of helping people full time). Then post cycle, once the gear clears, 100mg Clomid 7 days. Then 50mg Clomid for 14-21 days. if you want to take extra care for recovery, 250-500iu HCG taken 2x wk through the cycle and stopping at PCT