Interm. Bulk Cycle

  • Tittyman53
    Interm. Bulk Cycle
    on: 2018-09-18 17:33:43
    Hi I need help. I plan to use recommended Cycle of wks. 1- 10 500mg Test and 250 mg, Deca Also wks. 1-6 either DBol or Turinabol as I tend to bloat. I would love to get vascular also. I know diet plays a big role there, but would you recommend adding another agent to help that or would that be for a different cycle? If so, what is good for vascularity and what dosage? Is anastrozole the same as adex for estrogen blocking? Also, do I need to add clomid for PCT if I do an Adev type agent? Thank you so very much.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Interm. Bulk Cycle
    on: 2018-09-29 11:06:37

    vascularity is mostly genetic. Some guys get it more than others. Look at a guy like Jose Raymond when he’s lean and covered in veins. Then look at what Jay Cutler looked like. Hardly a single vein on his body at lean condition. The key is body fat. The lower your fat, the more veins you will see. And yes anastrozole is arimidex aka adex. And yes you want a SERM like clomid for PCT. 3 wks after last shot, 100mg ED for 7 days, then 50mg ED for 14-21 days