10 day out of town

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    10 day out of town
    on: 2018-10-08 17:40:20
    I appreciate all your advice. i will be out of town for 10 days with no access to my gear. i will be at the end of my week 6 when i leave out of town. weeks 1-4 were just test E, and week 5-6 i have added tren ace. Arimidex every other day and 250iu HCG twice a week. What is your recommendation that i do coming up on week 7 when i have that 10 days out of town?
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    Re: 10 day out of town
    on: 2018-10-15 16:13:21

    You wont be able to maintain your tren ace levels, so you will just have to be off of it but you can take your weekly dose of test before leaving. Levels wont be perfect but they will be fine as long as you have your adex. That will be critical no matter what, to make sure you can control estrogen. Then when you get back, just start back up on the tren and HCG. You may notice that things aren't as good without the tren but after that, you will be fine brother.