First Pre Contest cycle

  • anonymous390
    First Pre Contest cycle
    on: 2018-10-21 01:56:05
    Getting ready for my first show using gear. Trained and competed natural for over 5 years. Won an overall last year natural. Wanted to learn about training and nutrition before taking drugs. I dieted very hard, and 8 months after the show my test levels were high 200s. April 2018 did my first cycle Test Cyp 300mg for 12 weeks. Felt great! Went down to 200mg for 12 weeks. Currently doing 500mg test cyp & .5mg Adex eod and in a calorie deficit dropping about 1 pound a week. Only side effect I have gotten has been acne. I plan on competeing April 2019. What other drugs would you add 12-16 weeks out along with 500mg of test? Also recommendations for the acne? Diet and training is 100% right now. Thanks alot
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: First Pre Contest cycle
    on: 2018-10-26 09:20:12

    Thats a big one. I cant go into the detail this deserves without spending a lot of time writing and I need to start keeping answers shorter. In short, DHT based drugs for hardening. Winstrol or Masteron would be the main 2 I would look at. Could use both. 100mg Mast EOD starting 8 wks out and 50mg oral Win ED starting 4 wks out. Plus control that estrogen. Not even getting into fat burners but they have a place too. For acne, dial antibacterial bar soap to start. If you need more help, go to the Derm for a antibiotic, which will help as a temp fix