does time on = time off for pct

  • dwayne4202018
    does time on = time off for pct
    on: 2018-11-19 05:57:11
    hello, i have been doing allot of research and am always learning new stuff . but one thing i find is, the biggest "depends on the person issue" is PCT. so my main question would be does time on equal time off? for example 12 week test cypionate cycle. when the cycle is done you wait 2 weeks then start your pct . using nolva or clomid for 4 weeks. the pct coutns as part of your time on . so does that mean the day i finish my PCT i have to wait 18 weeks before my next cycle? i understand a blood test is essential to know your levels , i just would like to reduce the amount of blood tests. thank you for your time
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: does time on = time off for pct
    on: 2018-11-26 16:03:40

    Yes sir, that time frame is correct if you want to go by time on = time off. But what I would do is get my labs about 8 wks after PCT is over. From there, if you are 100% covered, no reason to wait to go back on, assuming all your other markers look good too