First time injections

  • Gainz
    First time injections
    on: 2018-11-30 18:51:21
    I am wondering what the best way to get over anxiety of injections? I have researched so now I got to get used to the idea of sticking a steel tube into my body . What are some of the best ways to lower pain and where are the best for self injections? Any tips such as ice the spot for the pin, ect.... 1st time doing this
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: First time injections
    on: 2018-12-12 09:40:10

    Hey buddy, valid question. Sounds like you have done the research and educated yourself. So as long as you have all the education, you’re good. The only thing left to do is do it! Haha. I know. Easier said then done. We are conditioned to see injecting drugs as a dirty thing. A bad thing. But the truth is, this is a means of administering medication. Its done thousands of times, all over the world, every day. If not more. Use a smaller pin if that helps. a 25g is small enough that its really not a big deal to use. And if you are doing 1cc of oil, its not a ton of work/effort. Once you have done a few, you will begin to desensitize yourself to it. And hey, if you aren't able to follow through, thats ok too. Steroids aren't for everyone. You might just not be ready for them and that’s totally ok too. Just take your time with this. think about what I said. Think about why you might feel this way. it might be more than just the act. It might be your thoughts about what injections mean to you.