2nd cycle

  • anonymous347
    2nd cycle
    on: 2019-01-02 03:13:12
    To those reading and answering our questions, Thank you. I am looking to start my 2nd cycle and I was wondering about what to take. My first cycle I did Cyp 250, 500mg a week for 10 weeks and finished with some clomid for my PCT. My strength went up and I gained little mass. Do I stick with the same or try a new route? So this is part with my question on do I stay with what I did my 1st cycle or change it up. What I’m looking to do or wanting out of this next cycle is to gain strength and mass even more than before. In a sense a boost of my first cycle. What are options for a stack ?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 2nd cycle
    on: 2019-01-16 09:40:21

    Hey brother, glad you came to ask. At 500mg test, you should see some great size gains especially on your fist cycle. So something was off. I suspect 2 possible issues. 1, your Ai was too high. Not sure if you used adex but if you are reading the questions here at the QA, you know I talk about making sure you control estrogen. Too much adex can slow gains though. You want some estrogen in your system. The best way to see how much you need is to get labs around 4 wks in. I would start with your 500mg cyp per week along with .5mg Adex EOD. then 4-5 wks down the road, get estrogen checked. It wouldn't hurt to get test checked too, just so you can see for yourself that your levels are high.My other thought is nutrition. I would make sure you are getting enough food to grow. Around 2g protein per lb of body weright is a good place to start for someone that isn't in terrible shape. Then add carbs and fats to that to grow. For some people it can take a lot of food. So keep pushing that up, watching for the scale to keep going up slowly after your initial weight weight gains have maxed out (a few weeks in). Usually if there is a problem in this department, the person is not eating as much as their body would need to grow. For this cycle, if you wanted to step it up, 6 wks of an oral would help get you in gear faster. 25-30mg Dbol or 50mg Var or Tbol for the first 6 wks of the program along with your 500 test. If you want to dig deeper, you can reach out to work one on one at the Next Level Nutritionn page on the Naps site.