2nd cycle

  • erob9024
    2nd cycle
    on: 2019-01-23 23:06:40
    After running my first cycle I've been itching to start my second. I ran test e 500mg weeks 1-12, deca 250mg weeks 1-10, and winny 50mg weeks 9-12. It went great but I decided I want to go for a harder, more clean look. My diet was well balanced and my training was strict, but this time I want to use tighter compounds. I'm 24 years old standing 6'1 at 200 pounds and workout 4-5 times a week.I've drafted up three different 12 week cycles. Let me know what you think. Test e 500mg/wk (1-12)Primo 400mg/wk (1-4)Primo 600mg/wk (5-12)Tbol 40 or 50mg ED (1-4)Test e 300mg/wk (1-12)Primo 200mg/wk (1-4)Primo 600mg/wk (5-12)Masteron 200mg/wk (1-12)Tbol 40 or 50mg ED (1-4)Test E 200mg/wk (1-12)Deca 250mg/wk (1-12) *maybe even higher dosePrimo 400mg (1-4)Primo 600mg (5-12)Tbol 40-50mg (1-4)Proviron- A fuck ton so my dick works from a low dose of test with DecaHere is what I'm thinking:The three orals I've tried are winny, tbol and var. the DHT's should dry me out enough so unlike my first cycle I won't need anything to dry me out towards the end of these cycles. Tbol is perfect to me because there is little water retention, it's effective for gains without being as toxic as orals like anadrol and dbol, and it increases the free range test during the first month where I'm waiting for the oils to really kick in. Primo is the DHT compound I really want to use for this cycle, but I know it's faked constantly. Do you think trusted brands such as Dragon Pharma and Pharmacom are to be trusted? I've read Masterone is good to run with primo, but at a lower dose. Plus it's cheaper. But I've never ran two DHTs togetherIn the last cycle I included deca. I love have a love/hate relationship with deca. The gains are incredible, but the side effects make it borderline not worth it. During my first cycle (listed above) I started getting puffy nipples and a little lump under my nipple around week 9. It also took away from the benefits from test like confidence and sex drive. This even occurred running it with twice as much test a week, and in this cycle I'm considering the test is just serving as a base dose. Could adding Proviron weeks 4-12 help get my dick to work and give me some motivation? I know you should never use two orals or go over 6 weeks (unless its var) but I heard proviron is light on the liver and I take a liver detox ED year round. Lastly I'm wondering if a primo cycle should be run longer than we weeks. I know doses of 800mg/wk are encouraged but I can't afford that. But let me know if any of these cycles should be extended. Let me know what you think and I just want you to know that I really appreciate the advice.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 2nd cycle
    on: 2019-01-30 09:52:06

    Hey brother, I am confident you are the guy I just write to in the other question about getting ready to do your PCT. This gives me a chance to say a little more of what I was thinking before. I’ll start with saying, slow it down. I totally understand and relate to your passion for the sport and for understanding these compounds, but I think you are getting wrapped up in details. You could better use that time focusing on other aspects that would make a larger impact. The diet and training. I’m not saying go natural. The drugs obviously play a big role in allowing us to take our physiques to the limits we do but the role isn't as great as the energy you are investing into it. Without seeing your physique, but knowing you are 6 ft at 200 lbs, I would step back and look at the bigger picture. Do you really want to run a cutting cycle at this stage, when you are still so new to gear and can make such great progress on cycle? Just food for thought. It's the diet that gives you a softer or harder look. Gear can make you add water whole you are on it but thats it. My thought would be to ditch the DHT compounds all together for now and use something that will better help with growth. Get through your PCT, recover, then see what your gains really look like a couple months after you are off. That will give you a better idea of how much muscle and fat you have. If you need to get rid of fat, start cleaning things up and dieting off slowly at that time, while still eating a high protein diet. Then as you get leaner, think about running this next cycle. You mentioned TBol. Thats a good compound for mass. Test, maybe EQ for 12-16 wk, add in the TBol for the first 6 wks. Then use the diet and hard ass training to get the results you want. Don’t rely on the gear to give you a look or shape you want. At the end of the day, you can do that through forcing your body in the gym and giving it the food it needs to get the look you want.