cycle type

  • Tittyman53
    cycle type
    on: 2019-02-10 03:04:14
    Please help me understand. I know cutting cycle and I know bulk cycle. Not sure about lean mass cycle or when to utilize any of them. I am currently overfat and under muscled. Should I first do cut cycle, then do a bulk cycle? Or should I just do a lean mass cycle?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: cycle type
    on: 2019-02-20 09:42:23

    Hey brother, glad you reached out to ask. This is something that can take some time to figure out but the sooner you do, the sooner you can make the progress you want to make. It’s a question I help new clients figure out all the time. First, I want you to understand that lean bulk, dirty bulk, cut cycle, etc, it all comes down to diet. You can use the same exact cycle to achieve any of these things but also, understand that the steroids aren’t going to get you there much faster. So if you have spent years getting out of shape and you really want to do this right, you’ll want to diet down to lower body fat before even starting gear. I’d focus on dieting down, even finishing that diet with gear if you wanted to use it. Then once you are very lean, you will have room to add food and lean bulk. No matter how you add mass, you will gain some fat in the process. So start with getting lean. Plus this will get your body much more responsive to food for your growth phase. Figure you can only use a steroid cycle for so long. If you’re decently out of shape, it’s probably going to take longer than 12 wks to get into shape. So you want to time it so the steroids are at the end of this process, not in the middle. You can use clen without gear to start. That plus good diet and cardio, you can make faster progress than on your own. From here, when you are ready to start gear, I would suggest you build all your cycles around test as the base. So about 400-500mg a week is a good dose. Plus of course arimidex to control estrogen. Then if you want to use another compound to compliment your plans, I’m a fan of GP Mast 200. Made mostly of Mast E, this compound will lend itself to more of a dry hard look and I do believe it may have a small effect on fat loss. But you want to be closer to your goals before starting. Then once you’re lean and you are ready to switch gears, recover from this cycle, try to hold condition as best you can while reversing the diet. Once you have recovered, you can then plan to start your first off season mass cycle and you’ll be in a great place to grow