Keto Diet

  • Redrider
    Keto Diet
    on: 2019-03-13 09:05:17
    First off thanks for taking the time to read this. I want to start off by saying I'm not on any gear but not against it either and that I'm a truck driver who works about 14 solid hours a day mon-fri. Basically my question is mainly what do you think about the keto diet for beginner bodybuilders? I'm 29yrs old 6'2" 210 pounds which is down from 270 pounds. I've been on this diet for almost a year along with weightlifting 4x a week consistently since then. I've struggled with being overweight/obese since high school and the keto diet has since been a life changing experience. I'm in the gym 4x's a week and I have one 35# kettlebell in the truck for nights away but I don't seem to be getting any stronger. I've reached a point now where I'm sitting between 208-210 pounds and about 25 percent body fat no matter what I do in the gym. My goals are to look good naked and get strong af. But I've plateaued I'm afraid. Now to make a long story even longer my nightmare is that my carb intake is too low to build any more muscle which scares the hell out of me because my relationship with carbs as I've stated has not been healthy. I've been a fat pos my whole life and I'm not going back. Currently my macros are 3088 cal, 252 grams fat, 24 grams carbs, and 180 grams of protein. ANY advice will be greatly appreciated. Do you think that the keto diet and becoming a bodybuilder are possible together or do you think I'm just f'ed lol. Thank you very much for your time!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Keto Diet
    on: 2019-03-29 10:25:23

    First off, good work on the major fat loss. Thats kick ass. Its hard to say whats going to work for you. We are all so unique. that said, if you don't handle carbs well, they probably are smart to stay away from . Can you grow muscle without them? Sure but it will probably limited. there are many ways you can try to add them in, focusing on nutrient timing, like only using carbs around training and removing them on non training days. You might be able to work them in, who knows. If you want to try, just try 30g pre workout from rice or oats. Then see how you are looking after a week of this. As long as you keep reevaluating and watching progress, you are never going to get fat again. Also consider a GDA like berberine or metformin to counter some of the negative impact of carbs. Thats a game changer for some people who have a rough response to carbs