differences when we are ON and OFF

  • perpkful
    differences when we are ON and OFF
    on: 2014-04-26 17:42:40
    You have to change a lot the workouts depending if you are ON and OFF? When one is ON, in principle recover faster, it would be good to increase the intensity, volume and frequency of training? If for example I train chest and back 1 time per week each, when I go ON I should train 2 times per week each? or do many more sets? And when you finish a cycle and enter into the PCT, should lower the frequency, volume and intensity of workout? for how long? Thanksss!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: differences when we are ON and OFF
    on: 2014-04-29 03:21:09

    Good question. When you are on, you will find that you can train harder, maintain more stamina and lift heavier. This all equals more muscle damage in the gym. As long as you are on a good training program and working hard, there is no need to increase volume just because you are "on". Remember that tendons, connective tissue and joints all are going to need rest too. Doubling up, while already working harder, may equal disaster!

    I'm not saying that there is never a time to increase volume. Sometimes more volume is what is needed for a specific muscle group, in a specific situation.

    When you go into PCT, you want to still train hard and lift heavy, but you may want to slightly decrease the number of work sets a little. Get in there, lift heavy and then get out.