1 Body Part per day routine.

  • Walt
    1 Body Part per day routine.
    on: 2015-07-09 05:49:56
    Just thought I would get your opinion. I have switched to a 1 body part per day split like this..Day 1-BicepsDay 2-ChestDay 3-Legs/forearmsDay 4-BackDay 5-TricepsDay 6-ShouldersDay 7 , either rest or repeat. I have really made some quality gains as far as size goes on this routine for 5 weeks. My question. Can I expect to keep making gains this way , or would I be better to switch up to a BACK/BICEPSCHEST/TRICEPSLEGS/SHOULDERS routine Mon,Wed, Friday? I never do the same exercises each workout and always seem to get sore muscles from week to week. Intensity is HARD , rest is short , and no more than 12 sets per body part. Thanks in advance =)
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 1 Body Part per day routine.
    on: 2015-07-21 15:53:35

    Hey bro, I like the basic idea of what you are doing. You'd be better off going with the second split, but I don't know about putting triceps and legs together. Legs should be a long tough workout and if you're doing it right. If you trained legs with me, you wouldn't have to strength left to do triceps. How about something like this :

    Legs, Chest, Off, Back, Shoulders/Traps, Arms, Off

    This would allow you to have a rest day before legs and a rest day before back. These are your two biggest body parts and the parts of your body that will change your physique most dramatically. Personally, I've learned to keep the intensity high while adding more and more work to my routines. I would do at least 16 sets for chest. Maybe more for back and legs because there are different muscles in these body parts that you want to target. Then with smaller muscles like arms and shoulders, less sets like 12 would probably be acceptable. Remember that rest is important, not only to rest your muscles but to rest your CNS.