Female T3/Clen

  • anonymous143
    Female T3/Clen
    on: 2015-09-16 00:07:40
    So my wife watches me go through cycle after cycle and see's how great I feel about myself and how I've transformed my body. Now she's jealous and wants in. She just wants to cut fat and tone. NO AAS. Just T3 & Clen for her. How long can she run each compound? what are the doses? Appreciate the help mate.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Female T3/Clen
    on: 2015-10-03 02:24:57

    With clen, I would start her at 20mcg ED. Then every 2 wks, add 20mcg more to the daily dose, going no higher than 80 mcg for a total of no more than 12 wks on clen. With T3, you want to be more careful with. It does not discriminate and will tear down both fat and muscle, one and the same. For this reason, you want to use AAS to maintain muscle. If she is dead set on using T3 in the fat burning cycle, I would start at 12.5mcg taken in the morning. Then after 2 wks, 12.5mcg taken 2 times a day. I would stay on this for no longer than 8 wks

    If she needs a hand and wants to hire someone to write her diet, I am very comfortable helping females and have helped a lot of gals, for their 20's to 50's, get in the best shape of their lives. Contact me at the Next Level Nutrition page, here at Naps Gear. I can think of a few other options that might benefit her for fat loss supps that we can discuss and determine if they would be a good fit for her