Trying to get leaner before next cycle.

  • Bmadd
    Trying to get leaner before next cycle.
    on: 2015-10-30 02:06:29
    Hey brother thanks for all you do. My question is I have been getting slowly leaner since I came off my last cycle. I am 5-10 195lbs @ I'm not sure the BF%, 15%? (Abs, quads, calves have started to show well).My diet consists of:MEAL#1 one cup egg white, 3 whole eggs, 2 slices ezekial toast, 1 glass OJMeal#2 and 46ounces chicken 1 cup brocoliiMEAL#3 and 58ounces 93%lean beef, 1 cup brown or jasmine riceI also have a post workout whey iso 60 grams, 25g casein before bed, as well as 2tbsp nat PB and one quest bar.This is a typical day for me and I have seen some slow and steady fatloss with this plan since coming off cycle @210lbs.My Question is what BF% should I aim for before I start up again, 12%?? And also, should I change my diet to get there faster? Whats your opinion. Also if I wish to gain on my next cycle (Sust, NPP, Primo), should I eat above this caloric amount, or will I be able to gain off this diet because I am carrying some extra weight around? Thanks ;)
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Trying to get leaner before next cycle.
    on: 2015-11-10 04:37:27

    As you grow, you need to eat more food to get bigger. So the food always needs to be going up through the years, as progress slows down. The key is maintaining your conditioning as best as you can. 15% is a little high for starting a bulk. I'd try to diet down further, but keeping protein up. Sorry I can't get more specific. Its hard to give you specific advice when I can't see what you currently look like and I haven't been watching your progress. Overall, it looks like your diet is pretty clean, so it looks like the adjustments you want to make are going to be more with portions and not with food choices. 


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