carbs protein healthy fats when bulking

  • anonymous379
    carbs protein healthy fats when bulking
    on: 2015-11-16 20:53:31
    Hi im 34 years old i have been off my cycle for 3months im about to start my next cycle 500mgs test e week 200mgs tren e week 30 mgs dbol a day for 1st 5 weeks. I started at 5ft 6in 150 ibs and im now sitting st 178ibs i really want to break 200lbs maybe even 210ibs but i can only grow so fast. I use 4iu humalog post workout 1time a day with waxymaze carbs 75grams fills me out very nicly im so pumped the next day its awesome. I Use test e deca dbol nomaly but i hit a wall so i dropped the deca and got tren e . i respond so fast to a small amont of tren that i change almost over night . i seen jay cutler say that if he takes in 1gram of protein per lb he weighs the rest is fat n carbs to get bigger. But i never ran a diet that way its high protein moderate carbs low fat . what would u change to get the bulking diet right so i gain weight. I eat chicken thighs sweet potatoes or white rice with olive oil as good fats .i was thinking 200grams protein per day and something like 400 grams of carbs then the rest fat also i drink a gal of water a day . thank u in advance also what do u think of weight gain shakes that are just egg whites peanut butter banana oatmeal rich piana says its the best i want to try it if i can drink the raw egg other wise ill stick to my store bought weight gainer
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: carbs protein healthy fats when bulking
    on: 2015-12-22 13:41:38

    Hey brother, there is no exat formula for mass gains that will work for everyone. There are a lot of factors involved. For instance, some guys will have an easier time handling carbs than others. For 1 guy, 400 carbs is fine while the next guy gets fat. So start out with about 1-1.5g of protien per lb of body weight, then about .5g fat. Then add carbs as you go and watch your response. So we don't know what you can handle until we see your response. What I do is start carbs around maybe 200g and then adjust each week based off of progress pics. Then once you figure out how many carbs to eat, see if you can push it a little further. Keep cardio low but add it in if needed