• anonymous20
    on: 2016-10-10 13:33:04
    hey bro!!what do you think about george farah's postworkout nutrition?(after workout take whey 25minute after take carb suppliment)
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: question!
    on: 2016-10-15 23:59:18

    I guess it depends on your goals. A lot of times, for guys that need a lot of calories and tend to be more of an Ecto body type, I add an intra workout carb, IF they train HARD. I say "if they train hard" becuase I know a lot of people dont. Thats not to knock people. I beleive that a lot of people think they train hard, but we can always learn to redefine what hard training is. Every year, I still am redefining what hard training is. I have learned to push harder through my time in bodybuilding becuase I love the challenge and always want to do better. So I train harder now than I did 5 years ago. So after someone has become an advanced trainer and gotten to a point of really being able to push hard after a number of years of lifting, there can be come benefit to an intra workout carb, using a fast acting complex carb along with an EAA or fast acting protein like Peptpro. So if you have a guy that is eating a solid meal about 1.5 hours before training that contains carbs and then uses an intra workout carb, there is no need to use another carb supp post workout. I would introduce some whey post workout and the athletes body will still be full of carbs from the intra shake. Then within an hour, I would have them go to a solid meal. So there are a lot of ways to do things. In the past, I would wait until post workout, then use a carb and protein, but now, this is how I would do things.