Carbs and "keto" style diet during cut?

  • anonymous0527
    Carbs and "keto" style diet during cut?
    on: 2019-02-09 06:51:24
    Was wondering what your thoughts are on cutting carbs while trying to lose body fat. Carbs only pre/post workout. Ive tried keto style diets before using gear and had good results and maintained quality muscle mass. Currently running 500mgxwk test e, 50mg eod tren ace. Ordered clenbuterol as well for the last several weeks I plan to cut, needed advice on using it during in conjunction with tren and test or after cycle.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Carbs and "keto" style diet during cut?
    on: 2019-02-20 09:44:14

    I try to keep the food as high as possible while still losing body fat. Remember we aren't in a weight loss contest. We are body building so you want to do everything you can to at least retain your muscle while dieting and food as high as you can while still losing fat is the best bet. So if someone can handle carbs in every meal , we will do that. Most likely though, that wont be the case. Pre and post workout are the best times if you can handle carbs. Then meal 1 would be the next meal I’d add carbs to. Or Post Post. See how you respond and then play with carbs and or fats some more. Its hard to give you an expect idea because I don't know anything about how you respond. There are many people that need to do keto to get into shape. There are some that do better with carbs and protein. There are rare people that can handle both. So listen to your body, track progress and adjust from there.